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Cassandra Among the Greeks

“Astonishing leaps and insights…”


Lee Smith, author of The Last Girls, Oral History, and other novels


 “[Annunciation] took my breath away when I read it for the first time because it is so fearless and relentless and also because its language is equal to the almost unbearable occasion the writer has set for herself....The poem moves in a way that is both meditative and urgent--almost headlong- -from the initial image of Mary giving birth to Jesus to the panorama of fields soaked with the blood of women and children, where love and maternal tenderness are no match for the great brutality of the world, but nevertheless abide. I think this is a noble poem.”


Mary Anne Taylor-Hall, author of Come and Go, Molly Snow and Dividing Ridge


“Wanda Fries’ poetry entrances the reader with its musicality, stark imagery and compelling insights into the human condition. Exploring themes of grief, faith and love, these painstakingly crafted poems carry a soul and intensity reminiscent of Denise Levertov. Whether giving voice to the prophetess Cassandra of Greek mythology or the would-be lover of her doppleganger in the modern world, Fries leaves the reader breathless as she unravels the truths that shape her subjects.”


Bobbi Buchanan, writer and editor of New Southerner

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